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ohhh i feel awful :(

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right ok... heres my situation..
it was my last day of school yesterday, finishing my a levels - so practically all of my year went on a pub crawl round my local town..

i am a reeally bad lightweight and after no time at all i was veery very drunk and making a complete and utter tit out of my self..
now, this guy kept coming up to me all night and wouldnt leave me alone and even though i dont like him AT ALL (and im certain everyone will take the piss when/IF they find out about it) i ended up going outside with him and stuff got a bit heated..

the long and short of it is, we didnt actually have sex but simulated it and he fingered me and i gave him a blow job... and that was my FIRST sexual experience i have EVER had - so now im all sore and theres blood everywhere (im really sorry this is quite *graphic* but i need to tell someone :blush: )
and because my memory of last night is quite hazy i am really scared that we DID have sex last night and i just cant remember.. if we did it was unprotected as well and right now i just feel like throwing up :sour:

i know its unlikely that i did have sex because i remember the rest of the night so i should remember if that happened, but should i go get the morning after pill just in case? oh lord you can tell im new to all this..

and to top it all off i lost my driving liscence AND my brand new knickers that i bought last week :mad: im a fool

i know theres not actually much you can say to what ive just said but i wanted to say it anyway.. get it off my chest so to speak..
anyone else in here done something like this that they reeeally reeeally regret?



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    It happens, I've done stupid things so many times..... you get drunk, get on or have sex with some bloke, and then regret it the next day. If there was a chance you had unprotected sex take the map pill!!

    But don't worry, everyone does things they regret you just have to learn from them!! xxx
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    if you are worried you did have sex then go and get yourself a morning after pill to be on the safe side. the blood may be from where maybe he was too rough with you - especially as you said you were sore too.

    most importantly, learn from this and don't let yourself get that drunk again - if you don't know what you have done you are putting yourself at risk of all kinds of things, so don't put yourself in this situation again. you can still have fun and get tipsey, but you'll still be in control.

    also, if you are going to start your sex life, follow the scouts motto and "be prepared" chuck some condoms in your purse so that if a situation comes up you can be safer. STDs are something you need to think about ,as well as pregnancy.

    take care xx
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    it happens. watch how much you drink next time.
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