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Cartilage piercing

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OK, this is annoying me now.

I got the cartilage in my right ear pierced about 3 months ago, but it still hurts :(

My mum told me that she can only wear gold, an when I got it done, gold wasn't used. I swapped my piercing for gold about a month ago, and it still hurts when I lean on it, and still pusses slightly (only noticeable when I take it out to clean it)

Is this normal, or is something wrong here?


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    my cartilage piercing was still slightly sore (especially whilst sleeping on it!) for about a year after i had it done. Completely and 100% healed now though. If the piercing isn't weeping a lot or pussing massively, i shouldn't think there is anything wrong with it, some just take a long time to heal. I have found that sometimes you might get told that a piercing may take only a month to heal, but it really does depend on the individual.

    My nipple piercing took almost a year to heal, but i loved it so much i definetly thought it was worht it. But my mate who got hers done within the same week was healed in about 3 months. If it is bothering you that badly it might just be less hassle to take it out (as horrible as that might sound as i know you can grow attached to piercings!)

    On a further thought, untill the piercing is completely healed it isn't reccommended that you take out the piercing to clean it. Try to clean it whilst still in your ear and therfor not causing as much irritation. Don't know what you have been using, but i will swear by hydrogen peroxide. This can be bought at the pharmacy and may be £2 for a bottle- get the lowest concentration available (i have 10 VOLS). As well as cleaning, this stuff is amazing to knock out any germs that may still be lurking and keep them at bay. :thumb:
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    Have you sought advice from the place you had the piercing done?
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    Gold jewelery doesnt agree with everyone, in fact it can cause some piercing to reject and its why piercers dont use it much.

    my cartilage piercing hurt for over a year, so did my mums, so did my boyfriends; its normal.

    I reckon you should clean it twice daily with saline solution+cotton wool, and not take it out as it is probably irritating it.

    Are you wearing a stud or a loop? A loop you will probably find is more comfortable and makes cleaning easier as you can twist the ring to take the cleaning solution into the piercing.
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    1) Gold should not be worn in an unhealed piercing. Titanium, PTFE or PMFK are the best materials to wear as they are all biologically inert.
    2) Do NOT, under any circumstances use Hydrogen Peroxide on a piercing. It is far too harsh and can cause serious injury.
    3) Don't take the jewellery out to clean it. Always keep the jewellery in the piercing until it is fully healed.
    4) Cartilage piercings are notoriously hard to heal and can take upto a year to heal fully. Salt water soaks once or twice a day should suffice. Only clean it when it gets crusty.

    Ilora x
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