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Any got any experience of this drug? Or its cousin, 5-MEO-DMT.

The same chemical as is released by your brain before death...

Supposedly a very heavy pyschedelic, sort of shit which changes your life apparently.

Doubt I'll be able to get my hands on it though. Used to be available as a "research chemical" for over £100 on the internet up until around a year back. Was going to buy some, but unfortunately i didn't get round it, didn't have enough cash at the time either :no: . Think it's been fully prohibited now in the UK...fucking shame.

Gets me wondering in the future what "new" drugs will be about...you've got all this 2CB, 2cI stuff floating about here and there...never tried them myself, but at the some point in the future there will surely be an explosion of new drugs and with them, a popular following. Chemical whizzkids pushing back the frontiers of drugs...new compounds and concoctions...a lot of money to be made. The new drugs that there are seem fairly confined away from the general population at the moment though...i.e. most dealers won't have a fucking clue when you're asking for 2CB lol.


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    is that the drug thats supposed to be a 6 hour e, 6 hour speed, 6 hour acid trip buzz, or is that AMT, not sure but my mate managed to get his hands on one of them a while back...i wasn't there :( it's not the sort of drug thats a regular on the market so i don't think i'll be taking that in the near future...
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    My mates at college made some with a view to selling it - from instructions off erowid using some type of exotic grass and extracting it.
    They/we fucked it up loads of times and often found ourselves smoking really harsh pipes with no effect. :yuck:
    When we did get it right none of us really enjoyed it anyway - it came as a complete suprise and put me flat out. I've never really enjoyed tripping that hard.

    Not my type of thing.
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    PIHKAL arrived in the mail today...should provide an interesting read :D
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    DMT is really not for the faint of heart, its been described as a massive mushie trip condensed into about 10mins, though of course it doesnt feel like 10mins. Its the crack of the hallucinogens.

    5-meo-dmt - Hmm, I tried that a couple of times a few years ago when quasi legal research chemicals were doing the rounds. Intense is about the only word which really describes it, there really isnt any strong visuals as such, but its imensely powerful. Scary stuff. Not a drug you enjoy really.

    AMT - this one has very different outcomes for different people, some find it like really good acid, others like speed without the jumping energy. Lasts about 10 hours with insomnia of another 4 after that.

    And then 2CB and 2C-i you will know of course.
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