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An Alternative Route

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I’m looking into my options for after 6th form and this article has struck me: (The teaching assistant part- page 15)


I think I would like to become a teacher, a possible plan in my mind runs something like this:

- Undertake a role similar to that in the above article either full-time or part-time
- Depending on the above- or after the first year begin studying for a degree part-time (Probably in English and Sociology or something similar) whilst working in school
- Then go for the GTP which is running in my area http://www.thelearningcity.co.uk/strategic/recruitment/teaching/GTP_Factsheet_04.pdf
- Overall I reckon that the whole process would take between 5-6 years depending on whether or not I study in the first year or not

Obvious advantages for me are:

- Staying close to home- I don’t think I would want to move away yet- and the cost is an obvious bonus!
- School is also close to home and will cut transport costs
- Studying and working part-time should offset debts completely if not a little- and the GTP year is paid
- I know the school, staff, way around etc and love it GTP year gives 2 placements- one with support of school and the other different
- Could study part-time in a University rather than local FE college and would therefore benefit from time away from home as well as work and staying close.

Disadvantages could be perceived differently by many people which is what I’d like your help with- what are your thoughts? Ideas? Experiences? How might the school react to this idea? How would you react to this idea? What should I propose to them? Paid work- if so what can I realistically do? Am keen to get involved in similar way to the girl in the case study did- a little but of everything- one-to-one, PSHE, Campaigns, Admin, Displays etc but am unsure if this could be paid? Should I make them aware of my ultimate intentions? What might they ask/criticise? When should I ask? (I’m in year 12)

All help/views/opinions welcomed!!


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    Have you tried speaking with your in school career advisor-i am guessing you have one? Maybe he/she can speak to you about this teaching assistant thing..
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