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Lying on your CV?



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    It depends on the University and the course you're doing, I got into University with a D in maths (GCSE) and a D in science (though I had good english grades).

    I wouldn't have a problem with the D in AS Sociology, a D is still a pass. IMO, it's not going to taint your other grades one bit. It will just show that you have studied one more subject and while you perhaps didn't get an A or something, you still got a grade.

    I was filling in an application form the other day and with regards to my GCSE results, I like to put the highest grades first. Though sometimes I know they like them to be in alphabetical order.

    just list them in order of results so they can see yuor strengths

    and a d may be a pass, dont make it any good though, on my ucas i lied saying i didnt do any as's cause i got an e for as psychology, didnt revise one bit for it as i jus done it to fill gap

    i got accepted to all my courses still :p
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