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Disability discrimination act

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Ok... so here's the deal...

I don't know where to start, but it's an offshoot of my other thread...

I have been told I'm unsuitable for my job because of the speed I work (apparently I'm not very clever either), however...

I was diagnosed with dyspraxia in April 2004, which is a hidden disability that impairs the organisation of movement (or means I still have many reflexes that most people lose in very early childhood as well) although it doesn't impair me greatly. I've worked several jobs, one that has been quite physically demanding, got on fine & received a brilliant reference from it. My main problems personally (as it is not an illness or chemical inbalance, but a mixture of symptoms related to the autistic spectrum eg ADHD, dyslexia, Aspergers ect) are sometimes with word organisation, speech and following instructions (I learn by seeing and doing). Also, I don't make eye contact and apparently sometimes my speech isn't clear as I mumble or confuse words....

Anyway, that's jus' so you guys know what it is (I didn't wanna sound all me me me).

Soooooo.... The thing is I remember specifically putting it in the disability area of my application form. I remember exactly "I have dyspraxia, but that doesn't usually stop me from doing anything!" which it doesn't, just means I need to work a lot harder to keep up.

So when I hurt my back, I went up to the office and said "You know on my application form I put that I had dyspraxia?" and he said "yeah? What is that?"

So he said he'd read it... But I'm paranoid I forgot to put it on. And I want to see my application form, but since the accident it's disappeared, for some reason it isn't stored in the files. Why would it have been removed and why does he keep putting off looking for it?

He slept in the office all day today, why couldn't he spend ten minutes to look for it and show me, all I want is reassurance.

Ok, really I want to take action. Because he hasn't researched it, he hasn't talked about it (though I mentioned to a member of staff whilst she was teaching me waitressing, I wouldn't have done that if I'd have not put it on my form).

Thing is the things I'm being made redundent over are dyspraxia related. It takes ten minutes to Google it and he could have even asked me for info and then said "hey look... I don't think you're suitable, it'd be too much hard work" instead of drop it on me when there are so few jobs on the market, six months after employing me and praising me.

Yes, if I canI want to take action, not because I want money, attention or revenge. Never would do that malisciously... But because dyspraxia is thought to affect ten percent of the population (two percent of which are very severe) and that means that effectively, thousands of people (I suck at maths) are dyspraxic... so really I wanna make an example and put forward the idea that dyspraxia shouldn't be ignored, or have people passed off as thick or lazy.

If only I could get my damned application form! Which has mysteriously been misfiled.


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    As I said in your other thread, contact ACAS.
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    The problem you have is the 2-year qualifying period. Not insurmountable but you definatley need to seek advice onthis whole issue.

    Sounds like guy is a "grade a" asshole though and should have his testicles removed with a rusty spoon.
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    Ahhh, the DDA, interesting stuff if it wasnt such a git.

    If you have been properly diagnosed by a doctor (some people havent) and can prove they knew about it before then the DDA could apply to you.
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    Finally I have looked at my form and there's nothing about disabilities on it... just contacts & work history... but I'm sure there was more as I remembered talking to supervisor about it.

    :eek2: Wierd...

    Don't companies need a section on disabilities on application forms? and why won't he just end my contract... why must I resign?

    Ohhh yeah, no questions asked at head office.
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    You must resign?

    Don't think so.

    Let them sack you, then you can screw them for unfair dismissal.
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