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I've decided to look for jobs in the computing field (with an ordinary BSc in computer science).
There are plenty of them, but they are all asking for 2-3 years commercial experience.

Working up from the bottom (if that still happens) would be nice, but even the junior ones want at least 6 months experience.

I can temp and get oodles of office admin experience, but this doesn't help when I want (and am only really qualified) to develop software (or something vaguely related).

Any ideas?
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    i'd acquire a list of relevant companies in the area you're looking to work, and write them all a letter saying what you're qualified in, what areas you'd like to work in in the future, and asking if they'd be prepared to take you on.

    say you're aware that you have very limited experience, and an ordinary degree, so would be prepared to work at a lower rate if necessary (i'm guessing that in this kind of work, a lower starting rate is still plenty enough to live on) until you have gained the experience and/or skills that they would normally require.

    in the meantime, office admin work is neither glamourous or in the right career direction, but it pays the bills, and there's lots of it about. and we've all done it at some point :p

    if you go with an agency, there's usually enough flexibility to allow you time off for interviews and suchlike.
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    Cheers Kaff :thumb: :)
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