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confused and angry.

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Well here is the story basically I would like some peoples advice, I warn you its fucked up.

Well one of my best friends, well i used to consider him one of my best friends, well hes a bit of a player and generally has a poor opinion of women and is very spoilt. Well this all kind of started when he said he fancied my sister, I let both of them know I wasn't too hot on the idea.
Well we was all out one night and I saw my mate (who I had told not to bother with my sister) well they seemed to be getting on famously, I was a bit worse for wear and sent another of my mates to tell my friend to leave cos I didn't want to do something I would regret. Well he kicked up a bit of a fuss and called me a wanker or words to that effect, well it got a bit heated but he left and I had my sister in tears saying she liked him etc, she just didn't understand why I disaproved so much.

Well a few weeks later I was out with my friend again and I was aware my sister would be out but I wanted to avoid her so I went to places that she never goes in. However wherever we went she kept turning up, and to anyone who knows Brighton this is quite unlikely maybe once it could happen, but not 3 or 4 times. It turned out my mate was texting her saying where we were. I just said to him leave it once and for all, he agreed. Or so I thought, well during the next week I found out that they had been going out with each other for about a week.

I was so angry with the pair of them after speaking to my mum and explaining how I felt she just said to let them get on with it. Well I did and they inevitably split up. Nothing too messy just a mutual split up. Well things got back to normal, my mate started shagging about again and my sister met someone else.

However I still felt angry at my (supposed) best mate but I thought I would leave it and just try and get on with us being mates etc told him I didn't want to know anything about there sex life etc he was fine with that.

Well a few months back he met a nice girl and seemed to change for a while however innevitably he started treating her like shit. I met her for the first time and we got on like a house on fire, well I got her msn address and her phone number and we spoke about general stuff and I thought she seemed such a nice girl. Well we went out on a sunday after my mate and her came to watch a football game of mine and we all got pretty merry.

Well there was a bit of general flirting with her and me nothing obvious just comments here and there. Well on the way back her and my mate were arguing, then it cooled and to calm the atmospheare i jokingly said "oh you can stay at my house its ok"
she said yes I was like oh I was messing then she jokingly said so was I, so that cooled the atmosphere.

Well I spoke to her in the week after and she said she was being serious about going home with me, I was like we can't do that etc and she agreed. Well they split up and me and her started having dirty conversations on msn and dirty calls and texts.

Me and my mate went out the next week and then he suggested inviting her out and she came. Well it was such an awkward atmosphere cos they werent talking and it seemed to be me talking to her and it didn't feel right.

They left to go back to his house and they had an argument and he threw her out on the street at 11:30 and considering she lived about 15 miles away and didn't have money for a cab it was a bit of a snide thing to do.

Well she rang me in tears and i was like ok I'll get someone to pick you up. Which I did well my mate dropped her of in Brighton and we was talking and we kissed. I said there was no room at my house for her so we agreed to go to a hotel. We checked in at about 1am lol was a bit weird at first then we chilled out and was lazing about and the inevitable happened.

Well we was in bed and my mate texted her saying "that will teach you for pissing me of". At that moment I knew I wouldn't regret what had happened, well an hour or so later he rang me asking if i had heard from her. I said no and why would I. well he explained the story to me. Then she answered one of his calls and admitted she was with another guy but didn't say who.

He started crying saying how can you do that to me, she said well were not even going out with each other which was true, then he said he wanted her back and that he loved her.
I was like:crazyeyes very confused. Well the next day I sent her on her way and we both agreed we had a great time and that I was a much better shag than my mate, which kind of made me happy in a weird way.

Anyways the next day they were going back out with each other and then I was very confused I asked why and she was like I dont want to be alone, thing is she has an 18 month old kid and I think she has had a lot of problems in her life. I was like oh well never mind and wasn't too bothered.

My mate was still bothered about who she slept with and for one moment I was never suspected. He accused all of our other mates. Well the bad thing is me and her met up for lunch the other day and bearing in mind they are still an item.
She invited me to her house where noone was in for the next day or so. I went ahead with it and we had sex again.

See now the thing is she is only with my mate cos she don't want to split up and hurt him. We said we would like to try a relationship but Im not sure if it could work seeing as she lives around 30 miles from me and that I work nights, plus the fact we would have to tell my mate.

Im very confused and as i write this they are together now and its kinda cutting me up cos I really am very fond of her. But I have doubts regarding if she is just telling me what I want to hear. This would really upset me as I have told her stuff that i've never told anyone else.

Im just looking for a bit of advice.
Sorry about the poor spelling and punctuation.
confused of Brighton.


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    no i think he is slightly more confused than you and probly needed to let steam off
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    Originally posted by girlinthecurl
    so you were mad about your friend dating your sister.. then you fucked the girl he was involved with? :eek2:

    im confused why you are angry?

    Well he wasn't involved with the girl when it first happened. I think from then it got complicated due to me having feelings towards her.
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    You're as bad as your mate with your morals.

    No sympathy from me. I say cut contact from the girl, and your mate and be adult and responsible when it comes to meeting new girls.

    Move on, and rise above all the bullshit "fondness".
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    You can't really be mad at him for being in a relationship with your sister at one point in his past when you shagged his girlfriend.

    Ok, so the first time it happened she wasn't with him, but this:
    Well the bad thing is me and her met up for lunch the other day and bearing in mind they are still an item. She invited me to her house where noone was in for the next day or so. I went ahead with it and we had sex again.

    indicates that the second time it happened they were together.

    You're actually worse than your mate tbh. Anyway, these things happen. You should do what 1983 suggested and cut all ties. Stop meeting up with her for lunch, it isn't right and leads to things that can't be put straight afterwards.
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