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oh dear...

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Sorry this is quite a long post. I hope it all makes sense the way i have written it.

Just over a year ago i met a girl who secretly liked me. i didn't fancy her at all but she started texting me and i didn't want to feel like i was being rude, so i usually replyed. she just said things that made me think she was quite depressed and i had to reply really. And then she started to send me goodnight texts. Eventually, she asked me out and i said no. All very flattering and everything but it didn't stop there...

I carried on getting messages from her, but was too nice/couldn't find a dipliomatic way of phraising 'ok, you don't have to text me every night', so it carried on. There were some nights when she didn't text and on those times, i started to miss her texting me, and sometimes i would text her. I can imagine this was a bit of a bad idea now, but i just wondered if she was ok.

At the moment I don't have a girlfreind, but there are times when i feel quite lonely and really fed up of being single. Because she still liked me (as she said), i thought about her more and more, and eventually i thought i liked her too. And I told her this. For a while now we've been texting each other quite a lot, and occasionally meeting, where we would get quite touchy towards each other and we even kissed once. All fine, or so I thought.

Then, just over a week ago, I bumped into a girl I used to fancy (and still do a bit) and I realised that I don't really like this girl as much as i think i should if we were to go out, and thats what i think will happen if i don't do something about it.

So what do i do? The thing is, i've got a pretty crap social life now most of my friends have gone to uni and i do want a girlfriend, but someone who i actually fancy, not someone who's convienient.

She says she's so happy when she's with me. I really don't want to hurt her, but I think i already have, because I've been unknowingly leading her along for quite some time now. I feel awful.

I hope that makes sense. I would like some advice, please...


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    You have to tell this girl that your feelings for her stop at being her friend, because otherwise she'll fall even more for you and you'll be stuck in an even bigger predicament. I know its going to be hard as you say you feel you have led her on quite a bit, but its the only kind thing to do. Its the old cliche, youve got to be cruel to be kind.
    Hope this helps mate :)
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