another topic regarding m.a.p

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i just posted in another topic which reminded me...about 3 months ago i went to the doc for the m.a.p as i hadnt took my pill for weeks, i lied and told him i'd taken it 8 days ago thinking it wouldnt make a difference in receiving the m.a.p and to my surprise he just told me to take two of my contraceptive pills for two days. Thinking back i really should have questioned this, wrong of me to lie(i was ashamed sat asking for the m.a.p) but even if i'd told the truth it just doesnt seem a good contraception technique(not that he advised me to do it everytime i thought i needed to). ANyone ever heard of this before? He is a well trusted, established doctor at my surgery so i naturally trusted him but beginning to question it.

Ps i arent dumb sexually although i am guessing its probably coming across that way....


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