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2nd year at uni

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Hi all,

I'm just slightly panicking about going back to uni for the 2nd year. I mean my 1st year was horrendously up and down and I'm just not sure I can cope with another year like that!!!
I got so stressed out about the work even last year, and although i got a 1st for italian and a 2:1 for French at the end of it all, i'm not sure i can cope with all that stress again, knowing full well that the work is going to be much harder. I'm scared!

I'm living in a house with people I don't know (due to long, complicated, horrible circumstances) and I know that last year obviously I was in hall not knowing anyone, and at least this year i've got friends living in other places, i'm still scared. I can't really cook, I don't like the idea of having the stress of having to do all that kind of stuff as well as working. I know this is welcome to the real world and all that, but I'm just not sure I'm ready.

I've had such a brilliant summer working at my old job that i had all through college, I just don't want to leave it! Today was my last day there and I got really upset.

I don't know what i'm rambling on about but i'm panicking a lot!
Anyone else apprehensive or is it just me?

Thanks, Caz


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    im scared too, and i think most people going into their 2nd year are because its when things really start to get serious

    Get a few student cookery books, thats what im doing

    And just look forward to the independance
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    well I assume you'll be moving into a house with atleast one other person who can cook, so ask if to begin with you can take it in turns to make some food :)

    I personally love cooking, and find it a great relaxer, and something different to do... I very much recomend Books: The Essential Student Cookbook: 400 Budget Recipes to Leave Home with, it's got lots of things to start off with :)

    when you get stressed, go do some excersize, it really helps! swimming's good..

    but when you're stressed, you can't take in as much info, and you'll feel even more stressed. pace yourself, go see your freinds.

    relaaaax! :)

    ooh, and congrats on the 2:1, that's really good!
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