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confused :S help

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Hi there

I'm really confused right now, I guess I'd better give you some background info. Back in December I split up with a guy who was my first. We got together and things moved very fast and were intense (we were practically living together after a month or so) He dumped me saying I got too clingy, my friends say he was hiding something and there is evidence to show that.

Fast forward to now and I'm with a lovely guy, he's kind caring sensitive, loving and lavishes the care and attention on me that my ex stopped lavishing in favour of his computer after about a month. We've been together 6 months now and things are fantastic (I split with my ex after just 4 months). My ex hasn't contacted me for a few months due to his immature reaction to a text I sent him. This didn't bother me at all at first but off late I've been thinking about him more and I don't get why. When I pass his flat (which i do quite often as its on the main route to town) I find myself nosing in as we drive past.

I couldn't sleep last night cos I feel so guilty I love the guy I'm with now I feel happiest when I'm with him. Surely its not fair of me to me to thinking of my ex so much and I'm not sure why I am. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that its his bday tomorrow

sorry for the rant


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    Perhaps you weren't totally over that relationship before you began another one, or perhaps you're wondering what could have been. It is natural to be curious about what an ex is up to, but if you aren't friends with him then the curiosity can become rather obsessive.

    Try changing your route to work.
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    Just realised that you've posted this twice in 2 forums and I moved the other one to here! Ok, will close this one and click here if you wanna reply!
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