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Is it worth it? Also where can i volunteer where there are loads of young people volunteering?


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    First off, it's absolutely worth volunteering. Not only are you giving back but you're also doing yourself a service...just to think completely selfishly, it gives you great experience and makes you a more attractive candidate for any jobs etc you might go for in the future, and also makes you feel really good about yourself.

    As for where to volunteer, there are so so many varied opportunities, and the aforementioned website is a great starting point for searching. Personally, I volunteer regularly at the Winged Fellowship, it's pretty hands-on work with disabled adults, but it's by no means difficult and is very rewarding. There are quite a lot of young people volunteer at the centre I go to (Sandpipers in Southport, but there are four others) but usually just on a one off basis. If you have friends who are interested you can volunteer as a group and stay there for a week, great fun and the loveliest people you could wish to meet. I also volunteer in the hols with BTCV, which runs conservation holidays...I've built dry-stone walls, laid walkways and dredged marshlands. It's hard work and you do have to pay a bit towards it, but it's great hands-on work which makes you feel fab and allows you to meet like-minded people. I've met a lot of young people through them who are really nice. My other foray into volunteering is that I volunteer in my local Oxfam Bookshop every Saturday morning. We sort the books, I work behind the till etc. It's not much, but it gives me more of a buzz than staying in bed for those extra few hours would have.

    Anyway, none of these might be for you...there are so many different opportunities, I just wanted to try and show you that :) If you need anymore advice then feel free to PM me, but that website should see you right!

    Good luck, I hope you decide to give your time.
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    volunteering is SO worth it!just do something you enjoy, as volunteering doesn't have to be boring far from it.

    If your stuck for something to do (or would like to anyway), would you be interested in writing to a sick kid? Im always on the look out for people to write to them, as i set up this site with a few friends www.postpals.co.uk most of our kids have cancer, and not a lot to smile about.

    thanks, love viks x
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