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Time Running Out

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Ok, Ive been trying to get a job for the summer. Have signed on with a few temping acgencies, ahevtn heard anything. My dad wont let me do telesales, he says all theyll do is rip me off. Theres hardly any retail people wholl take me on for just the summer, and my time is running out on where to get a job.

So anyway, today I had an interview, which I felt went well. Only problem is, the actual job is poor. Its as a general team member at Cineworld Cinema. They pay £4.50 an hour, and shifts vary and you could end up working until 3am, with no bonuses for working late. They also would want me to start working before my exams have ended, which I really dont want to do.

So basically...should I take it if I get offered it because there doesnt seem to be anything else? Or is there anything else I should be doing to get me a job?
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    Have you been handing out CVs to loads of places? That will help although most will probably not reply. It would be easier to get a simple retail job for now if you can. Good luck.
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    buy a job paper. most areas seem to have one once a week. agencies are usually good, but at this time of year they are totally innudated by students and recent graduates, and there are just not enough jobs at the agencies to go around.

    also try www.fish4jobs.co.uk

    your best bet is something like a call centre for a reputable company, i.e. HSBC, british gas etc, depending on what there is in your area. they're usually more than happy to take people on just for a summer, and often they will have you back the next summer, and easters and christmases too. the work is ok, and the pay is usually pretty good.
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