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hello! *waves* -- be gentle :)

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hi there. i've been lurking around a bit and decided to join today. i just wanted to say hello to everyone!

anyway, i really should be working right now, but there's not much going on today, so i'm going to play instead.

i do web design for an evil corporate empire that goes by the name wachovia... egh.. but the good news is, i might be out of here soon! i'm not really a big fan of the environment, but i had to get some money and fast.. :/ stupid student loans.. i really enjoy writing music, driving, good movies and the like.

i love playing piano and guitar.. i'll throw a few covers up here, just for fun :) you're welcome to listen!!
fake plastic trees, radiohead
green eyes, coldplay (my version says "brown" eyes, tho)
the tourist, radiohead
[url=http://www.pecknology.net/storage/dep - summer nights in oblivion.mp3]summer nights in oblivion[/url] (one of my own that i'm working on)

a full bunch of songs i've done are at my homepage (www.pecknology.com).

well, anyway, that's all. hello everyone..



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