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I don't really know the point of this thread but it is to do with ecstacy, move it to another board if it's in the wrong board, sorry.

I've been taking mdma for over 1/2 a year now, but caining them every weekend more or less, my girlfriend who took alot before and ended up in a coma dosen't want me to take them anymore, she had a very bad time with them, but the thing is i want to keep taking them once every while with my mates like, she dosen't really mind if i take them, says its up to me but she would rather i didn't, if that makes sense.
The point of this? i don't really know, anyone been in a similar situation before or anything?


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    I have been in a vaguely similar situation with my boyfriend. I used to drink a great deal and the thought of a night out without alcohol just seemed absurd. It used to really upset him because I would not be myself and would never remember anything and his Dad had drinking problems. After a little pleading from him I decided to stop the drinking at least a little and I am now a lot happier, richer and I can remember everything my friends said to me. Sometimes I would prefer to be getting absolutely wasted but I like that I am not upsetting him.

    I know it is not the same thing but I have found that making him happy has not made me any less happy and I still have a great time with my heaving drinking friends.
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