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It needed to be done

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Hello hello

Well I have been a member for a long time, but rarely post... so i guess im a newbie to the posting business but a long time lurker. Heehee Lurker. It makes me sound like some creepy trench-coat wearing old man in a park.

But i figure its high time i introduce myself properly and stop thinking about posting and actually do it!

I'm Rachel. 19 Yrs old from Australia. I am a big music fan... everything and anything but im obsessed with singing so thats an important part of my music choices.... My favourite band of all time is the GooGoo Dolls and my fave singer/musician is Ben Harper. Ahhh he is incredible.

I write and draw and paint and read a lot.

And i dont know wat else to say because if i get started i will never stop.

So thats me :D just wanted to say hi. Cant wait to get to know u all better.... altho i feel like i know u all already.... so maybe its 'i cant wait for you all to get to know ME better' heehee


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