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Hey :D

Im going to be sitting my Highers in 5th year and I was wondering...

How hard are they?

Like I'll be sitting English, ICT, Modern Studies

Does anyone know what they are like and what the courses involve?


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    i did english and modern studies, a lot of teachers say this and u wont believe them but it is a big jump between standard grades and highers, you'll be in for a big shock when you come back from summer thats when it starts to get intense.

    english: i got a B in that but only through knowing the book i did for personal study inside out and revising like fuck, the final exams were really hard imo, all i can say about this one is you have to give your full concentration in class, learn the definitions of techniques (they always give you brownie points in the exams for highlighting techniques) know the poems inside out, ask the teacher for help because a lot of them are metaphors and not always obvious.

    modern studies: hmm this was pretty easy for me but i think its because i have always been good at it (got school prizes etc for it) and i had a brilliant teacher. in the exam always do the topics you know most about, and read the exam paper thoroughly before hand, a lot of people didnt understand the questions and lost vital marks. with this one do a lot of research (internet was always good) and use highlighters as often as possible, they come in invaluable in the exam.

    if you got anymore questions you know where i am :D
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    Highers (is it not higher still now?) are a big leap from standard grade, a BIG leap. English especially is very hard, lots more reading and your writing needs to be a lot more mature. I think the syllabus has changed since I did it tho. The same with modern studies as well, very hard and totally different to standard grade, adn the final exam was very hard. Not sure about ICT, never did it. If you're studying the stuff and constantly trying to improve it won't be too hard, but you really do need to work. The good thing about higher still now is the modular system (NABS) that allow you to gain credit for the work you have done, even if you fail the final exam, didn't have that in the old highers, but it does mean you need to study to pass them as well. Good luck!
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    Thanks guys :D
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