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Two small victories in the long struggle for democracy and freedom

Oh yes!!! :)

Eventually I suspect that some higher court will overturn the results (or that the Fourth Reich will see to it), but it is nice to see that there is still independent judiciary in the USA.

I bet George Wanker is not chuffed. I mean, access to a lawyer! What will those barbarians demand next? Not to be tortured??

Oh, how anxious must the people of Iraq be for the 'democracy' and 'freedom' the US is bringing to them... :rolleyes:
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    Its certainly a move in the right direction, but how long will Bush be able to draw out the court proceedings, I presume he will appeal against this ruling and the battle will continue.

    The biggest problem with those held there is what to do with them long-term. If you keep them there they will always be a sore on the side of the government.

    If you charge them you have to try them, and that could get ugly for the government.

    And if you release them, then they go home Heros and they appear to have won.

    In my opinion just another example of the US just not thinking of the longer term options available too them.

    However, there has been some useful information come from those there, so how many lives have been saved through that?

    Nothing is clear cut.
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