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coping with stress

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I'm in my second year of uni and finding it quite stressful, especially when I have lots of deadlines due.

I'm not really a typical student, when I say that I mean I don't go out drinking a lot, I go to all my classes and I really want to do well, coming out with at least a 2:1

I've found myself getting stressed recently, maybe I'll go on my laptop with the intention of writing an essay, but end up playing some stupid game for hours on end. Then I'll have bloodshot eyes. I either can't sleep, or sleep for far too long.

Sometimes I have used drink as a way of "coping".

At the moment I'm sharing a flat with another student, but I don't really know her and she is out a lot of the time. I don't know anyone else round here really and keep to myself at uni. Sometimes my boyfriend comes round but we have a bit of a volatile relationship, we fall out a lot. I don't get on with my family.

I'm just feeling isolated, trapped in the flat (I live in quite a bad area so don't like to go out alone after dark) and stressed about my future.

The other people on my course seem to have it together a lot better than me..maybe that's just my perception. I tend to compare myself with other people my age- look at them, they are 21, they have a happy family, a car, a good social life etc. Which makes me wonder why I can't have those things.

I already know I have failed one module this semester and don't know how I can sort it out.

Sorry this has turned out a bit long.


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    Join some societies. I know it sounds like the easy answer, but my experience is that if you make the effort, people reciprocate. Even second and third years are always looking for new people to get to know, it's the nature of university. Join a soc, even meeting just a couple of people that you get along with really well can make uni seem so much less lonely.

    With work, you've just got to plough through it, but I get the feeling that it's the social aspect that's causing you the most problems.
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    Yere work hard-play harder is always the moto, when you finnished that bit of work, grab a bottle of wine (or 5) and start drinking with your flatmate, then hed on out into the big wide world with her, remeber to keep those alcahole levels up (not to high, see thred on hangover ratings) and have some fun!

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