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Some good news at last!!!

I have been offered a job! :crazyeyes

OK, so it's only 4 hours a week... But I really don't care, cos I'm at least on the ladder now and hopefully can work up to more hours! :)

I'm just so happpppyyy! :D And probably over-reacting... but I've never been offered a job before.

This wasn't the group interview job btw... I doubt I'm going to hear back from them... This was an interview I had on Saturday; there were two positions one 16 hour and one 4 hour.

A very vivid dream woke me up this morning; which was that I'd been offered the 16 hour job, and then I woke up and realised it hadn't happened. D'oh! But I'm just so chuffed someone's FINALLY giving me a chance!!!! :D

Oh, and I'd like to thank my angel... A little old lady who got talking to my mum while I was in interview on Sat; and my mum had been telling her all about my health problems and how I'd been struggling to find work (as mums do) and this old woman was being very sympathetic but sort of saying 'don't get your hopes up' to her.... But then I walked in and she looked me straight in the eye and said with absolute certainty 'You'll get the job'. I guess she was right. :angel:

Here's hoping I can sign off soon!



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