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is it on or not...

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I've bin seeing a girl since back in November, nothing too serious just the odd visit a few times a week, it didn't really heat up till after chrimbo. We got closer an closer an as the months passed by we both realized we were starting to feel alot for each other (pretty sure it was love). The thing is, recently we've both been unable to make our minds up when it comes to what we want from it, so I cant make my mind up whether I wanna be seeing someone who's scared of falling in love again (because she is) I guess I'm a bit scared too an all though. I know its worth the effort, I know we both felt something really strong when we were together. I think thats whats scared her a little. I get the feeling she's scared of putting all her eggs into one basket (not because she's a slag) because shes been hurt alot before. Shes such a sweet character, sends me loopy just to be around her, an I know she feels the same about me. Its just so painful to have this on off relationship where we cant decide or make it concrete. We get close then we need space.

I really don't know how to handle it, I've not come across a relationship like it before. If she just let go an let it happen, I know we'd be great together.

What should I do?


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    If i was you i'd give it a try. Why miss out on something potentially good just because of the fear of getting hurt? The question of what if will always be in the back of your mind which could become a regret.

    If things don't work out you can always remain friends. You may both be scared but sometimes you've got to take risks and hopefully this one will pay off for you.

    Good Luck with whatever you decide to do.
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    If you don't even try, you can't succeed. If this could work, don't throw away the oportunity I say....
    Just take it slow if you're both a bit scared. Maybe you're just over-thinking things?
    Take things as they come, enjoy the moment, have fun and enjoy eachother. :)
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    I've been in almost exactly the same situation, and freakily enough, pretty much along the same timeline! And from my experience I'd say give it a go, you never know what you might have gained otherwise. Take things slowly and be supportive of her, if she's scared of getting hurt then show her that she has no reason to be apprehensive. Be there for her, show her what a great friend you can be and that you're simply not just another guy seeing her as just another girl. Be patient with her and in time she'll realise how genuine you are. Be honest, communicate and you should do fine. No one can ask more of you than that. Just see where it goes.

    And if things don't work out then you should have gained a great friend and you won't have lost anything in trying to make the leap from friendship to relationship. Hopefully you'll be better friends for it.

    Good luck, take care, I'm sure it'll be fine :)
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    I finally said to her,"u know, wats the situation?" She doesnt want anything serious. Happy an sad i spose, she was a model! Stunning! Least I can get out there again eh? ive had my fair share of offers recently anyway :D

    av some'a that!
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