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Flamenco Guitar

Former MemberFormer Member Posts: 1,876,328 The Mix Honorary Guru
Hi people. Got a lil snag

I'm doing a uni presentation on Latin American Music and have chosen to do a presentation on the flamenco guitar as I can play guitar fairly well already. Was wondering what would people suggest I include in it?

Was thinking of speaking a lil on obviously its origins, maybe what a traditional flamenco guitar looks like, and its evolution from when it first began up to this day

Can people help me with this one please? Am going to bring my guitar in class and hopefully play a few things, but not sure what is best to play as in what styles? (bulerías, siguiriyas, soleás, fandangos, cantiñas, etc.) and who to really reference artist-wise, as I have to use powerpoint and so will also be using Youtube so want to play a couple of video clips of particular people.

Would be great if anyone could help me on this one. Also I will be doing the presentation alone so it's going to be solo flamenco guitar as opposed to accompaniment flamenco.



  • Former MemberFormer Member Posts: 1,876,328 The Mix Honorary Guru
    How long does it need to be?

    I'm thinking that you've got a lot of ideas to put in, and messing about with youtube and playing guitar, and going through powerpoint slides is gonna take you a while.
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