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Typically n00b title for a typically n00b post.

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Hi all, I'm Phil, friend and flatmate of JsT (I believe he is "part of the furniture"). I imagine he will do a better job of introducing me than I will but to sum it up:
I'm a twenty year old student on Business Studies at a worthless university in West Yorkshire, England though originally from the West Midlands.
I have a part time job in a DIY store which is possibly the most boring job I have ever had. But luckily I'm also a club promoter and get to have free entry, free drinks, chat up the ladies as part of my job and all that kind of jazz.
And when my head's not in a book or pint glass, I'm on the interhighway creating and developing my websites, trying to earn a little extra moolah and one day take over the business world just like the Virgin and Sugar, albeit without the neatly trimmed beards.
So..uh...hello! :wave:


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