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Title Deeds & neighbourly disputes

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Our neighbours are claiming that a small bit of road at the top of our cul-de-sac belongs to them. The people who live opposite and who would own the adjacent bit of road if it were true say our neighbours are making it up.

I'm sorry about the terrible drawing, but the attachment gives you a rough idea of the area in question.

Sorry but the rest is cut and paste from my Livejournal:

When we first moved in we had a removal van in our driveway so I parked my car in the "disputed area" for about 20 minutes whilst we unloaded. When I went to move it they had parked across their driveway, thus blocking me in. I ignored it as didn't need to move the car but it took three days before they moved their car for me to be able to move mine. They then left a snooty note on the car windscreen asking us not to park there. They claimed it was an access way to their house. Since we had no intention of parking there we didn't respond and have never parked there since ( we don't need to!) but my parents made the mistake of parking there today.

My parents came for dinner today and parked in the "disputed area" shown in the diagram. Just as they were leaving a Policeman turned up and asked my dad if he was leaving, which he confirmed they were. The Policeman then told my dad that the people at number 33 had called the Police out because they couldn't get out of their driveway with my dad parked where he was. My dad pointed out that they didn't appear to want to be out of their driveway (their car was in the garage) and they could always reverse down the street as most other people who live at the end of the cul-de-sac do. The Policeman said he agreed but he had to investigate as they had called the Police about it. My parents went home. The Policeman knocked on the door of number 33 and the bloke who lives there started hurling abuse in my direction, saying he couldn't sell his house because people always park on his property, and could we not read (he has put a home-made 'no parking' sign up on the fence - which doesn't belong to him!)

Anyway, this bit of road... how can we find out if it really is in the title deeds to his house? Also, can he put up a home made sign on a fence that is on public land that doesn't belong to him?

We don't even want to park in this place, we can fit both our cars on the drive, but them calling the Police has annoyed us!


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  • Former MemberFormer Member Posts: 1,876,324 The Mix Honorary Guru
    Personally I would ask him to show prrof that it is his land, rather than seek it out for myself. I would also park there at every opportunity just to make a point and if he blocks you in I would call the police myself because it is he who would be breaking the law.

    He wants to play to the hardball law enforcement game, then play along. It sounds like he's not going to be reasonable about it anyway...
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    You can get a Land Registry filed plan for £3, which shows what the property consists of, so if things get nasty you can always get one to shut him up. You'd also need to get a Register View (which shows all the covenants) and that costs £3 too.

    I think that it is highly unlikely that that bit of land is part of his property. I expect that it will be a highway maintainable at the public expense, and even if it is a private accessway, I expect it will be a shared accessway for everyone in the street.

    I'd be a twat about it and always park there. You're only in rented housing so its not like you have to put up with him forever.

    ETA: If you need help getting the filed plan and register view, PM me and I will see what I can do. I've tried to PM you but your box is full (fnarr fnarr).
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    Buy an old bangar with some tax left on it, park it there, permenantly...
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