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job rant!

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basically this is just a rant, but as I live where I work and with people who I work with I need to... *warning very long*

Ok so i have now been a holiday rep for 5 weeks. Since i have been here i have loved pretty much every min of it. I got a perminant hotel after a week and have been happy there ever since. I know that people get moved all the time between hotels and thats not a problem.

I work in a team of 3 reps, one existing rep and a girl that came out at the same time as me.

a week ago 4 people in resort resigned. Since there are only 14 of us in resort it leaves a big gap and people need to be juggled about. Not a problem. I got told i wa sgoing to be split between 2 hotels the one i am in at the moment and the 4* next door. I was really happy with that. The other girl that i am with got told she was being sent to a hotel on her own.

The reasoning behind this was that she comes across as more confident and compitant than me.

I was really pissed off by this as we both started at the same time and since being dumped in our hotel we havnt been checked on once, no one even knows wether we go into work in the morning as the hotel is pretty much unmanned. It annoyed me because i have been viewed as unconfidant and incompitent in one meeting that we had with a manager when i first arrived in resort, i would imagine that this was because she is a very big and loud personality and i am not like that, not that im shy, i just dont feel the need to shout all the time.

So anyway i didnt say anything about any of this as i was happy with where i was being placed and didnt see the need to rock the boat.

my manager came in to see us today (we were ment to be starting our new hotels in the morning) and told me that i am staying where i am as he wants me to "have time to get used to the job aqnd wouldnt want to unsettle me" while the other girl gets her new hotel and the one i was ment to be getting as he wants someone compitant in there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am quite aware that i am ranting and jelous of her but fuck it. I go into work on time every day (she is constantly late), i am damn good at my job (the customer servay results for me have already gone up, whilst the ones general to the team have gone down - so it shows its not me pissing people off), not once have i been rude to a customer (she is constantly offhandish with people).

so whay am i getting punished for being a bit quiet in the first day that i was in a new job in a new country???? i am so annoyed. Basically if she is getting my hotel because she is compitant that makes me incompetant yet he has never ever seen me do any work, let alone what i do on a daily basis.

Ok rant over, in case you hadn’t gathered I´m pissed off......


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    Perhaps she's sucking off the boss, who knows?

    One piece of advice I was given in a similar situation by my manager was 'Dont worry she'll be sacked soon' and thus she was.

    Its not what you know it's who you know isnt it?!
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    Grrr, how annoying. Being judged on nothing must be infuriating. I guess, you just have to not let it get you down and keep turning up on time etc and they'll soon see who's reliable and good in the job. Some people are really good at being pushy and getting their faces remembered, but these are usually the same people that get noticed for cocking up big style!
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    Cheers guys :)
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    melanie wrote:
    Happiness is like peeing your pants, everyone can see it,
    but only you can feel the true warmth

    will you be the pee in my pants?

    Off topic i know...but that is one funny signature !! :lol: :thumb:
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