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Thread problem

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If I go into a forum, and click on the "last post in this thread" button, or even on the thread itself, the last post in the thread is not by who it says on the forum page, or even at that time. Most recent example is in Style and Appearance, where it says that the last post made in the skinny models thread is by XxXXXXSarahXXXXXXxxx at 4:30pm, but when I click on the thread the last post was made by Sophia at 10:43 am. Another one was the "Do you discuss sex with relatives" thread, where Lipsy supposedly made the last post but there is no sign of a post by her on the last page.

My clock is also buggered. At the moment it is saying I last visited today at 5:26pm which is impossible since this is 7:43am, just now (as you can see in the screen grab) it said I last visited today at 3:25pm. Then it will go back to saying yesterday at 9:05pm. That means that if I refresh the page and the clock changes, it resets all the unread posts, or marks the forum read.
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  • Indrid ColdIndrid Cold Posts: 16,688 Skive's The Limit
    Usually these have happened when a member gets deleted... I hope that's not the case.
    Maybe it's the same when it's just a post that got deleted, not sure.
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