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Alcohol in relationships

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If alcohol has been an issue in your relationship, you may be able to help with the following:

Cosmopolitan is looking to speak to a young couple about the effect excessive drinking has had on their relationship. I'm looking for a couple in which the man's drinking has caused problems (already have a couple for whom the woman's drinking has been a problem, so we're hearing from both sides) and I would need to speak to both partners and use real names, ages and locations. You will not be photographed.

If you are interested and can both spend 10 minutes to talk to me in the near future, please don't hesitate to contact me on [email protected] or 020 7439 5445.


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    Pity I'm not still with my ex (did I just say that?!) he's an alcoholic. I was only 16 and he was a lot older, I was the adult in that relationship! Alcohol caused so many problems.
    Though he probably would have kicked off at me wanting to do something like this, so I wouldn't have dared!
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    Same here!
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    Hi zaniness, welcome to TheSite - this is a really old thread so I'm gonna close it now. Don't forget you can head over to the drugs forum if you want to talk about anything further. :)
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