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First time

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Hey people,<P class="body">I need some info if you may, from both gals and guys.<P class="body">Yes I still have the big 'V' tattooed on my forehead but I think somethings going to happen soon. I have got up to the point of sex with blokes several times but always found it easier to say 'no'. I've never done the long term boyfriend thang so it's just never happened. I've talked about it with my mates loads and I know a fair bit about sex, often more than my mates who have been through the action of love making but there's just a few aspects I'm not so hot on. <P class="body">Girls - Is your first time always painful or is it painfree? Is there any bloodloss aswell? I've heard that it there's plenty of foreplay there's no problem. I relaxed about the whole business and won't be nervous when it comes to the crunch. I just want to enjoy it<P class="body">Now you guys - Can you tell if a girl is a virgin when you sleep with them for the first time? I know you lot go on about girls being tight and loose. But is it really that obvious?<P class="body">Thanks people for helping a girl out.


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    My first time wasn't actually painful, more uncomfortable than painful, and there wasnt any bloodloss. That's not to say that that's how it is for everyone, but just for me. So there you go - my 2p on the first time.
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    That stuff about guys knowing if your a virgin cause your loose or not is cack quite frankly, and only talked about by prepubescent boys behind the bikeshed. Ok so you can generally tell the difference between an old slapper who's been around the block a few hundred times and someone who's just staring out, but that's not the issue in your case. My advice is act innocent and say your are a Virgin, if you feel it's really important - guys are so daft they'll believe anything they're told, especially if it boosts their ego. But don't feel you should be a virgin simply to keep a bloke happy - that whole ideology went out with the ark.
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    I can only really tell you my own experience. In my case it did not hurt at all, and there was no blood at all. However, I think I was technically not really a virgin any more, because I had been masturbating for many years, and also inserted objects to enhance the pleasure.

    I think that the masturbation also helped to avoid pain. I knew exactly what I liked, and how it felt if I was excited, relaxed and wet enough. That way I could make sure that we did not go faster than I could take.
    My first time was also not a quick and clumsy affair like some of my girlfriends tell me about - my first lover was quite experienced and willing to make the best of it for both of us.

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