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pma or pills?

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me and my boyfriend are in disagreement and i would really like someone to cclear it up for us. basically, last night we bought these really thick pills (sold as ecstasy) and he thinks they were just normal pills, but i think they were much stronger and definitely different.

they took a long time (hour and a half) to come up, no rush as such, the coming up felt like a mixture of resin and pills, then though i was really really trashed (this was on top of a bomb of mdma and two and a half pills), i felt chilled out, totally. i could sit down for more than a minute, i could keep a train of thought, i could even discuss philosophy of science!

oh yeah, i got well more burpy stomach acidy stuff than usual, i couldnt dance for lond cos i actually thought i would be sick. then i couldnt sleep even though i was exhausted and smoked 2 joints, and 21 hours after dropping im waiting for some sort of grinding comedown but just feel tired instead.

so given there must be someone on here who knows more than me, what would you say? what totally chills you out? what was this random drug?


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    yeah also they were kinda shiny and sticky. and they definitely had some mdma in them cos i could taste it.
  • Former MemberFormer Member Posts: 1,876,324 The Mix Honorary Guru
    It almost sounds like some sort of strong painkiller, which on top of the other handfull of pills you took would upset your stomach and chill you out. But given you mixed it with other unknown pills I'm just guessing in the dark really.
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