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We met over the internet!

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A few months ago, me and my boyfriend decided to see other people and at first I just couldn't be unfaithful to him.<P class="body">A couple of weeks ago, I was on one of those chat rooms and I got talking to a bloke and we chatted for hours. I know it sounds weird, coz I always thought love over the internet was for sad desperate people but I'm just a normal person! We've got each others e-mail addresses but he wants my phone no. <P class="body">I can't stop fantasising over him. I'm even thinking about splitting up with my boyfriend of the past three years over him. Do u reckon I should give him my number coz I trust him?!


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    For starters not all the people on the net are sad and lonely, and i think thats and extreamly unfair statement you made there. There are a lot of nice people out there on the net. <P class="body">Anyway enough of that, I reacon you should give him your number but how well do you know him. If you do give him your number get his number as well<P class="body">Good luck

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    Meeting any new person is always reisky. First of all, your impression may be wrong and he may not be the one you think he is at all. Secondly, he might be a weirdo, become obsessed with you, or something like that.<P class="body">This has little or nothing to do with the internet - this can happen anywere and in any situation. And you can read "she" for "he" as well!<P class="body">I think you should try to learn to know him before breaking up with your boyfriend, or even giving your phone number. Why don't you agree to meet somewhere for drinks or so?<P class="body">
    If he is the love of your love, be so kind to break up with your boyfriend before hitting the sack with your new found love.
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