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Bad Luck

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Im seriously starting to wonder what my problem is. Over the last 10 months of being single so far Ive had a lot of fun. At the same time I keep finding that the people Im not attracted to want a relationship with me and the ones I actually like dont. Think Ive got to the stage now where Im so used to being single I just keep making everything I come across casual no matter what. Feel in a bit of a rut now. Not sure how to get out of it. Think Ive developed crap tactics! Maybe Ive become boring? I dont know...Or maybe Im too drained from the last relationship so I avoid them at all costs? Im stuck. I dont like the majority of men, yet people on the gay scene are freaked out by me mostly as I dont label myself as a lesbian. Feel like a freak or something. Why do lesbians descriminate against bisexuals? Can bisexuals only go out with bisexuals?! Im fed up of it. Its all I seem to come across!


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    Well my view is that sexuality is a spectrum, in that everyone has some sort of fuzzy boundary on the sexuality plain. I'm sorry if that sounds weird and math-like, but just think about it a little.

    If you want a sign post that helps you to identify with people, and for them to understand you, then fine. But I agree with you, that we shouldn't wear labels.

    If people seem freaked out by that fact that you dont label yourself, then I think its their loss. As long as you're comfortable with how you feel, then I think you've found a place in this world that's just yours, and you should be proud of yourself.

    I hope some of what I said makes sense, I really do wish you luck.
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    Oh my god, that is exactly the sdame with me only I've been single since Jan just. It's as if Mother Nature is punishing me by rejecting all her munters so when I do actually want to see someone properly she won't allow it.

    Only advice I can give is not to sleep with somebody who have feelings for and they're not recipricated fully because it makes you feel worse. You'll find somebody eventually, it just seems we're going through some sort of drought at the minute.
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    When I was on the lookout I swear there was no-one that I was really properly into, everybody seemed like a freak!

    I find guys too pushy and don't crave relationships with them at all, but then I went through a phase when every girl just seemed dead skanky.

    Think it's just in the mind, was for me anyway :yes:
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    Cheers for the responses :) Made me feel slightly better! The Pendari Champion - Guess I just have to look at it as it being their problem and not mine. Im perfectly happy with myself. They are the ones missing out! Maybe theres a gap in the market for a bisexual only bar...People can be so narrow minded! Its just annoys me. I guess the majority of people on this planet dont like anything that is out of their 'comfort zone' and its just a sad fact of life.
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