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Told off 3 times in one day

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Funny story really. I work at co op, wonderful place :razz: but on tuesday when I'm normally doing the bread, I was put on checkout for about 2 1/2 hours (out of a 4 hour shift). I understand checkout needs people though. So, I didnt manage to clean the shelves, and started rushing to get the bread out - and then I had to do a stock take but didn't have enough time left (this was 7.30 and I leave at 8). I asked the floor manager if I could borrow a guy off grocery, yet he said no and I'd have to get it done and I can't go until its done!

So, I work hard for the next 45 minutes (end up leaving late) to try and get the stock take done, but as theres loads of bread in the back still because I was on the till rather than putting it on the shelf then its even harder. In the end, it wasn't all that accurate, or at least I assume it wasn't, because yesterday when I went to work I found a note telling me I fucked up (in a nice way :)) and need to take more time on the bread.

So my friend who's on bread and has been working there longer says I cant go on checkouts today because the boss is annoyed at me, so I stay on the bread. They call me to checkout, then after not going the supervisor comes and finds me and starts having a go. It turns out that they didnt need me in the end, but then she started throwing questinos at me as to why I didnt go... and I said that im not getting the bread done and the boss isnt happy... and she said she'd speak to him. Im a bit worried though because my boss didn't imp[licitly say to me 'you cant go on checkouts', he just told my mate on bread that I shouldnt go on, if you get me.

So, two so far. Im going through the bread, checkout doesnt call me thru the day, then coming off my lunch break the big bad boss of the whole store comes and talks to me. I try to say I was confused, and not sure where I was wanted, and she says that I dont have a choice.

But anyway. Was a bit miffed because I stayed late for them on tuesday to finish up and it might not have been perfect but they needed me on checkout, they're not paying me for that, and then today I didnt go on checkout because I thought that was what they wanted and I get a bollocking about it from two people.

My mate said after all this, he reckons they're keeping an eye on me :p because he's skipped the checkout before and nobody has said anything to him - because our boss told him he couldnt go on. Either way, I'm not overly fussed, its just a bit shit because they never say thankyou when you stay longer than your contracted hours. I know that frequently grocery staff leave early if they've finished evertything - including the floor manager - and so was abit miffed he couldnt spare anyone to give me a hand (they still get paid for their full time).

Maybe its cos I'm a relatively new employee. Past the stage they might scare me off but in the exploitation stage now :/


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    That's just the way things are in the retail sector. For example, yesterday, I was ordered to sort out the chillers in the back, as they were a mess and the manager would burst a blood vessel if he saw them in that state. However, as the shop was so busy, it meant I couldn't do it. There were queues so I went on the till. Things went okay there, but later on, the supervisor who'd told me to clean the chillers out tells me off for not doing it. We ended up having a hell of an argument about this. It got so bad another supervisor had to sort out the mess!
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