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What happens if you fail the 1st year...

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For a while now ive been in a downward spiral with my 1st year, mainly as it's 100% coursework and due to some bad choices have missed ALLOT of lectures/tutorials where critical notes have been given out.

I know for a fact that I have failed atleast one module (Math).. and i'm really doubting that i'm going to make it through the first year.

I'm sure if i re-did it and got my arse in gear that all would be good, as initially i was doing pretty good... but then just got lazy :banghead:

So, Generally what are my options? I mean what happens if i actually do fail this first year?

Is it a case of just re-doing failed modules in the 2nd year, A case of re-sitting the 1st year from scratch... or being kicked out of uni :crying:

I really DONT want to drop out, In fact it's pretty much the last thing I want to do, as asides from fucking up academically...i've made lots of very good friends and just want to stay here and sort out the mess i've created.

Any advice / info would be much appreciated, especially if theres anyone out there who's 'been there, done that...fucked it up first time around'.

Thanks for the advice/tips... right now I just don't know what to do...especially as if i do resit the 1st year that puts me a year behind and another X amound of ££££'s in debt :(



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    i doubt they'd kick you out, you may be able to resit the module over the summer or worst case scenario resit the year, ask your tutor..........what you need to really ask yourself is how much do you like the course, is it worth another year of your life and x amount of debt......failing the first year isn't a great sign cos it's the easiest year of the lot, so either your a lazy git, have serious personal issues, or you're just really not that interested......either way you'd better figure it out soon or you could end up repeating the 2nd and 3rd year as well and end up a lot worse somewhere down the line.........excuse me for being blunt, i've seen it happen to one of my friends and it's not pretty. good luck though.
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    If you fail your exams at first, you can re-sit in August.

    If you fail then, then it becomes more tricky. You won't be allowed to progress to year two, there's no doubt of that. You'll probably be invited to re-take your first year if there is scope for improvement. If there isn't, the uni will probably tell you you're wasting your time.

    You are only entitled to four years tuition support- after that, you have to pay the full whack of the tuition fees, which is about £8000 a year for an arts degree, and about £12,000 for a science degree. And your LEA won't pay for a re-sat first year unless you can show there was a good reason why you failed.
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    i resat second year and you have to pay the tuition fees yourself for the failed modules unless it was due to a medical reason etc . i think its something like £200 a module.
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    I suppose the exact policy will depend on the university.

    For us if we fail any modules we are allowed to resit after the exams. If we fail one module after the resits still we're allowed to carry on and resit during the next year, fail more than one and you get 'councilled on your suitablilty for university life' - ie: booted out.
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    In our uni, you can either resit your modules in the Summer or retake the year.
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