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What can you do with a Law degree apart from become a solicitor/barrister?

SystemSystem Posts: 8,653 Staff Team
I'm studying Law and I've now realised that the chances of me becoming a solicitor are slim so I've decided (I've been thinking for months about this) not to study the LPC as it would cost me about £15k to do it anyways which quite simply is money I don't have.

It looks as though I'm going to get a 2:2 in Law (I'd be very very lucky to get a 2:1 unless I do fantastically well in this years exams and somehow do really well all next year) so what career options are open to me with this apart from becoming a solicitor or barrister?


  • BunnieBunnie TheSite's sweetie pie Posts: 6,099
    seriously hun, dont be worrying at all, i was gettin low marks in my coursework last year, and i mean low...40s and what not. my mates failed some exams and coursework and are still on for 2:1s this year (final) you will be fine, dont block out the LPC just apply next year, and then you have the option open, and seriously dont worry about the money, it will cost you £8000(ish) to do, and think about how much you will be earning in the long run, £8000 will be hardly anything! but i know you can go into some forms of management, probation, the government (i mean writing statutes, wooooh! :P) even in legal depts in big companies. but seriously, dont chuck it all coz of (i assume a bad mark you got today) its a hard degree, and thats why the reward at the end is better than most. oh and let me guess, its land and equity that are putting you off?!
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    Most companies need some sort of legal advisors as far as I'm aware. Anything in the media will require copyrighters who's job (I think) it is to make sure that they aren't going to get sued. I imagine that a lot of behind the scenes jobs with the police also benefit from a law degree. But don't condemn yourself to getting a 2:2 already anyway. The further into your course you get, the more your marks are worth, so an improvement next year can greatly increase your overall mark.
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    its not a particular field of degree employers like;

    sometimes its the fact that its a degree, ie i spent 3 years of my life working my nuts off, and managed to survive all the hard work and hungover early 9am lectures
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    Have you tried www.lawcareers.net ?
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