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...of things to come!

Comedy sketch Prosecution, Defendant, and Judge.

D: I may aswell come clean then. *pause* OK, yea, I - no... I, can't do this, I - I'm, sorry *stands up*
J: You will sit down and answer the question put to you.
D: *sits* Alright, I'll tell you... everything... it was the 80's, things, were... bleak. I just, couldn't stand it any longer, I mean, people needed a change! How was I to know! How thw hell was I to know what would happen?!!
P: What you did was un-forgiveable.
D: Yea, I know... "introducing a foriegn strain of mus-
P:Noise bitch! *to Judge* I'm sorry, sorry.
D: "A foriegn sound, into an already crummbling industry."
J: So, you admit you did wrong?
D: Yes *pause* Your Honour? What will become of, Britney?
J: All the CD's will be collected up and, disposed off, along with the records of her "mini-britneys". There will be no trace of her left, except in our, forever haunted memories.
*Pause* The "mini-britney's" will be locked up, away from the music buissness, and away from the ears of the nation.
D: But, Britney your Honour...
J: Oh yes... Well, she will be, eaten.
D: No! *pause* Oh dear god...
J: She's a danger to the ears of soiciety Mam! *long pause, J shakes his head at her* You shouldn't have fuc*ked that hamster.

This was put together by a few people I know, they're currently working on getting it aired!
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