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Tribal wars

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I listen to a wide range of stuff. My tastes range from Aphex Twin to the Beastie Boys to Metallica to Blur to Atari Teenage Riot to the Beta Band etc. etc. But I carn't say I like much of the stuff in the charts at the mo.
When I got to Uni I was really surprised to find that most students love Britney Spears/UK Garage/Pop Trance etc and that there were very few people into alternative styles of music. Heh, when I tell people at Uni that I don't like Trance or Garage they give me funny looks. I always had the impression students were the ones getting into Autechre and Pavementand dEUS no? I know about two indie fans and a couple of metallers and even they don't stray from the usual Korn/Slipknot or Oasis/Manics styles. No criticism just disappointment and surprise <IMG alt="image" SRC="http://www.thesite.org/ubb/frown.gif"&gt;

<A HREF="http://www.mp3.com/autofire&quot; TARGET=_blank>
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