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Mama, I'm coming home!

SystemSystem Posts: 8,624 Staff Team
Well, after 6 amazing months in the land of the Panama hat (yes, really - it's a common misnomer), I'm finally flying back to good old Blighty. At just before midnight, GMT, I shall be flying all the way back to freezing England.

Things I shall miss: hot girls, amazing fruit, the prices, being taller than about 99% of the population, cuba libres, local beer, being able to barter with cab drivers, hilarious Ecuadorian dress sense

Things I shall not miss: Quito pollution, being constantly mistaken for a gringo, inability to get decent sausages/bacon, salsa, reggaeton, girls trying to leech money off you, people ranging from a little bit idle to downright fucking lazy.

About 50/50 I'd say. Had an amazing time but I'm glad to be going home. See you all at the meet next sunday. Sadly my killer suntan has faded. Oh well.


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