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Old Subject.......Kurt Cobain

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OK this is an old topic but Im just interested what people in here think as to Kurt Cobain being murdered since there was no forensic evidence he committed suicide yet there was substantial evidence he was murdered, and its becmoe more and more obvious since that the Seattle police force fu*ked up the whole investigation but couldnt admit too it after all the 'copycat suicides' had begun.......find out more here: http://uk.geocities.com/whokilledkurtcobain2002/


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    Its just a site with someone opinion. Theyve taken things out of context and put their own words around the quotes.

    Its just some sad fan whos still not over his death and has a serious hatred for courtney love.
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    Yeah but if you read it, it isnt just THEIR opinion....its based on actual evidence and the quotes are real quotes and who elses words are they going to put around it?! I think you have to look at it properly to grasp the concept that it isnt someone still getting over his death, but a site which brings together the "evidence" that points towards murder as opposed to the "opinions" which were used to record the suicide verdict..
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    Im afraid it is just their opinion. They provide out of context quotes and then add their reasons and explaination for those quotes.

    Surely if the reports point to the guys murder then the police would have looked it again and more people would have thought about it.

    Read the original reports from where the author pulls the quotes.
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    Originally posted by Balddog:

    Its just some sad fan whos still not over his death and has a serious hatred for courtney love.

    Yeah <IMG alt="image" SRC="http://www.thesite.org/ubb/biggrin.gif"&gt;

    I wouldn't say it was hatred, thats maybe a bit too strong a word. I'd say it was more that I disrespect her, although she has sung one or two decent songs, can't say much for the rest. Aside from that, I really can't see anything else in her.

    Oh yeah, she was a really mean bitch to Dave Grohl as well <IMG alt="image" SRC="http://www.thesite.org/ubb/frown.gif"&gt;

    I personally beleieve that Kurt was murdered, but most people on here probably don't care so I'm not gonna go on.

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    That website gives exactly the same arguments as the one above. In fact its almost identical except for the layout.

    Im sorry but a couple of websites that are exactly the same are hardly suffiecent proof that he was murdered...You dont think that someone with influence would have picked up on this? None of the original police officers would have picked it up again?

    You dont think its slightly odd that the only people that are concerned about one of the greatest artists of all time are a couple of people in the internet?
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    Balddog- you actually couldnt be more wrong. The main motive behind people thinking Kurt Cobain was murdered is based upon a report by someone called Tom Grant who was hired by Courtney Love to track Kurt Cobain when he went "missing". Tom carried his investigation on after Kurtr was found dead involving Courtney, Kurts best friends and so forth and also collected the police evidence found etc etc....he was the one that brought to light all the main facts- that Kurt was not on drugs, nor was he suicidal and nor with 3 times over the lethal amount of heroin in him could he possibly pull the trigger. It ISNT a few people on the internet thinking this- It is people all around the world who believe it but dont think they could do anything about it anyway. This Tom Grant's report is a big thing and he was on TV and everywhere with it yet Courtney Love and her attorneys have threatened him to stop but they have never followed through probably because she would lose with all the evidence and that would destroy her. Whether or not Courtney Love killed Kurt Cobain was not the issue, although if you ACTUALLY looked at the site you would see the evidence against her, the issue is that someone who had a daughter he loved is being passed of as a drug-addict who committed suicide when that would appear to be untrue. Oh yeah and by the way Courtney Love had already offered someone $50-000 to kill Cobain earlier- there is so much more evidence which I dont have time to list but I can assure you it isnt just a couple of people on the net. Some people are also giving their opinions without obviously knowing half the facts except what you've heard or seen in the media which has since been found to be manipulated and not true, just a cover-up fot the Seattle Police
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    Oh yeah and also as to why the police havent looked at it which is probably the main point:

    This probably the most obvious question, normally brought up by skeptics who are trying to write this whole thing off with simplistic uneducated remarks. As you will know if you have read the site or Tom Grants's actual report, Tom Grant started this whole thing off and he is a private investigator and even though many private investigators like himself are former police officers, they are now PRIVATE investigators with no police powers granted by the state. A PRIVATE investigator can only investigate and furnish information. PRIVATE investigators cannot file cases, press criminal charges, or make felony arrests in cases handled by local authorities. If the authorities choose to close their eyes, the only thing that will pry them open is public pressure.
    Professional pride, city politics and potential lawsuits. When is the last time you heard a public official admit they were wrong, especially in a high profile incident where there is so much at stake. But theres more than that- After attending the candlelight vigil in Seattle in memory of Kurt Cobain, a young man returned to his home and abruptly ended his own life with a single bullet. In Southern Turkey a teenage girl was suffering from depression since hearing about Cobain's death. She put on a Nirvana song, locked her bedroom door, and shot herself in the head.In Australia, a teenager committed suicide as a tribute to Cobain. A twenty year old man in Tracy California was with friends when he put a shotgun in his mouth and said, "Look, I'm just like Kurt Cobain." Now he is.There have been several other reports of "copy-cat" suicides since Cobain's death. These are just some of the reports that have been heard through various media sources.

    Still wondering about police motive?
    Tom with the police just one week after Kurt died: "By this time I'd gathered enough evidence to show that something was horribly wrong with the events surrounding Kurt's death. It was too late. The "copy -cat" suicides had already begun. There was no way an outside investigator was going to overturn the official "opinion" on the cause of Kurt's death, an "opinion" that had already resulted in world wide media coverage and had caused the loss of additional lives. How do you tell the families of these victims who took part in copy-cat suicides that they blundered? They reached their verdict within a few hours using information supplied by Courtney Love. To retract that verdict would be acknowledging that they acted totally unproffessionally, and they are desperate not to do that. So they prefer to try to sweep it under the carpet. Pretend it isn't true. But use your own minds, logic and common sense. Think things out for yourselves. See that there has been a gross miscarriage of justice."

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