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Changing uni's

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Right. I'm at Nottingham Trent (first year, although took a year out beforehand) and i'm not really getting on with it too well. Things havent really improved on the living/social front, and the more the course has gone on the more I realise its not what I want to be doing or getting into debt for! Thing is, theres a course thats really appealing to me but its in Derby (about 20 minute train away). -Ive got a meeting with the course leader to find out a bit about it..and they take people in january..if I get on it and accept. I really like Nottingham, so want to stay, so if its bearable to commute to then I'll have to move out of halls and rent out a room in a house or something.

Before I came I went through a really reclusive stage, I thought halls would force me to get some confidence but I hate the halls and i've actually found it really childish and irritating and not really feeling the whole 'student' thing. It hasn't helped with the confidence thing at all. But yea, the course is the main problem. I'm still well shy, but feel ive got a bit more experience from moving in here, but still moving into a house will be a lot more independent than halls.. do you reckon the situation will just force me to get on with it and meet people/get on with it/grow up a bit? Anybody any experience of just moving into a situation like this?

I don't really know what I'm asking for here, just some reasurance and advice, do you think it will be possible?..i feel like I need a new start, i've got off to a very crap one here. And because of the wasted year out I took I feel ive gotta make this work.

One final thing, the whole student loan thing, anybody any experience of switching unis? I will now be commuting, and renting privately (not student accommodation) how will it affect it?

Cheers, sorry for the essay.
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    are you sure you're not putting too much pressure on yourself to get everything perfectly right? if the year prior didn't work out just try and think of it as the past and get on with the present. sometimes things are very easy to run away from. if you do change uni though and you really do feel this will be the right thing to do for you, then you need to be sure that the problems you've had with your current uni are not going to present similar problems when you move to a different uni and different living arrangements! as for your student loan, you will need to discuss it with your LEA in detail - you're loan will probably be okay, but your tuition fees might be a different matter.
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