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Grrr learner support

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So I went in to learner support on Wednesday because I had talked to them around the end of September and theyhadn't got back to me after that. It was suggested that I have 10 hours training on my computer software (I have special software to help me work) and around two hours help a week. I even filled out a time table to say when I'm free. They and the educational psychologist suggested I get this help, not me... Althoug I'd really liek it.

So yeah, they appologised in the office and said there had been a backlog of students to deal with and I said that I've so far been given 4 essays to do and was coming in becauseI hadn't heard anything about the help I'm going to receive. They said they'd phone me the following day.

The next day they phoned me saying I'd come in asking for learner support and that they had no more slots free to help me (O....k, but I was seen over a month ago and filled out a timetable because they suggested I need this help)... I also kind of felt like I was burdening them becaus they put it across as if I'd just walked right in demanding it out of the blue. They think they ma be able to fit me in for a small slot on a Friday.

So now I have 4 essays to write and a bunch of software I can't work out how to use.

Fantastic. :mad:
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    that sounds like utter bollocks to me. They are supposed to be there to help you, not make you more stressed. Couldn't you try speaking to someone higher up? I would complain!
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    yeah. if it doesn't get sorted out by friday (whether you fit into that free slot or not) then take it to somebody higher up. having said that though, i think it is quite typical of universities in general being that laxidazical (sp?!). if you cannot get it sorted before your essay deadlines, you should try and put forward a claim for extenuation with your work.
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    Grrr I went in to the library today and they told me I was supposed to be issued a special library card so I can take books out for extended time. It takes me a long time to read :( and I have 4 essays to be in in january too.
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