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Manager problems

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Ok, a bit long, so bear with me.

Basically, I work in The Body Shop and I have been there just over a month. I enjoy the job, customers are normally ok and some staff are cool, except for the manager of the store and the floor manager.

Basically, the manager speaks to me and treats me like shit - im not sure if its only me, but I got the job from Reed employment and the staff there have said that they have spoken to the manager on a couple of occasions and they she has been quite rude and bitchy on the phone, so i know its not only me.

Basically, during my time there, she has expressed that she doesn't believe in an employee (me) asking questions. If I were to ask her something, she has told me that she would redirect the question back to me as she thinks it is important that I learn what to do. This means that I would go and do what she asks without much information from her and when I get something wrong (which happens often) she basically grills me, humiliates and patronises me by asking questions like "Why did you do this? Do you think this was the most logical thing to do? What should you do?"

Our relationshp is basically like teacher and schoolchild: Teacher asks questions and child tries to work out the answer.

Now she knows that I have been working there just over a month, and im not even sure of what I need to be doing, but she wont just tell me what to do in black and white, she would rather question me to the point where I feel incrediably stupid and dumb and then she will eventually tell me what I need to do, after she has had a go at me and has shamed me.

Now, im not sure if she is allowed to do this; I understand she is a manager of the store, but surely she could just tell me what needs to be done and then I can get on with things? Its not like I need to be told loads of times or anything.

Some of these situations take place in front of customers, but the worse ones happen in the stock room. She knows I feel uncomfortable with the questions and with her generally as I start to stutter and I start shaking when I have to answer her. And when that happens she has a smirk on her face and she looks at me like I am speaking complete shit or a different language. It's got so bad now that I try to avoid her at all times, ill try to come in right on time so I dont have to speak to her and can start straightaway, and I leave right on the dot at the end of my shift. I hardly speak to staff anymore as I just can't wait to leave and go home.

So now I want to leave the job, but I dont want to hand in my notice as it may affect my pay, so im not sure if I should speak to her or just leave it and hand in my notice.

My bf is quite upset because I am always telling him the problems (i have been treated badly in other places of work before), and as I don't do much about it, because I fear confrontation and causing a stir, he says its now time to stand up for myself.

Im just not sure of how to do it in the best way though. :crying:


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    chan chan bless ya *hug* :(

    sounds like your manager is some sort of sick power obsessed baytch that needs to be taken down a peg or two. There is no reason for her to belittle you like that especially infront of customers, it is clear that she does this as she loves the power and authority that she has over you and she knows she is making you uncomfortable seeing you stutter and squirm and the cow is loving it. :mad:

    She is your manager not your mum, hell! i wouldn't even let me mum talk to me like that, nevermind a bloody stranger. This woman is a bully and i agree with the boyfriend that you should stand up to her. i dont mean that you should go beat her up but maybe have a quiet word with her about how she is making you feel and state it clearly that it is unappreciated. If that doesnt help then i'd suggesting launching a formal complaint with someone higher up such as the district manager maybe? Either way you shouldn't put up with this treatment you are there to work and learn not to be bullied.

    I hate to say it but ya gotta grow sum balls girl, if you let this pathetic woman boss you around then people will just see you as an easy target. Stand tall and dont be afraid to say what you think after all what have you got to lose? Ya can always get another job if things dont work out but just dont think that they (the body shop) are doing you a favour by employing you, YOU are doing THEM a favour and by the looks of it you should be getting extra pay for putting up with that obnoxious manager. :razz:

    hope this has made some sort of sense and be strong :thumb:
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    Hello Chan-Chan

    First off, I agree with Simba, you should think about raising a formal grievance. The only drawbacks with this approach is that you will definatly make a dangerous enemy. It is unlikely that she would be dealt with appropiatly and it is just her word against yours when she harrasses you in the stock room. She works in tandem with the store manager pandering to his/her needs. If she doesnt control and supervise you enough so as to get maximum extraction of your labour then a big foot ends up stamping on her face. Her job is to make you an obedient worker and not to question anything, you arent paid to think, but when you are paid your labour has been purchased by them and they want to get the most out of it. If you can get out and it doesnt affect you financially or otherwise, I would say do it now as you are only 1month in. If you need to stick the job then I would start to turn the tables and make her life more of a misery then it already is. I mean, cmon, what is the general opinion of someone having their career as a manager in body shop or mcdonalds or whatever, the general consensus is that they are complete loser in life - what else has she got then the job of a guard dog? I personally would jack the job in, I would never work for places like that but when i have had to as a student I made sure that they would be the ones who would be sick of me, in fact I was at one point begged to leave, which I didnt, I used them and made sure they didnt get any value out of me, thats the worst thing you can do - work as slow and lazy as you can, play dumb, and question them as much as you like, if they dont give you proper answers then they cant blame you if you keep messing up! If they sack you then you dont lose out, they have to pay you what you have done so far and you can always then sign on until something else comes your way, its not as if you have been sacked from NASA.

    Be brave, they cant do anything to you, they just want to scare and use you, welcome to the real world, get used to it now!

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    A friend of mine worked in Boots the chemist and suffered a lot of shit from her boss (sexual harassment etc) and nothing had been done about it because as someone already said, it's her word against yours.

    Anyway, she brought a mini tape recorder in with her to work and recorded a conversation where he had humiliated her (like yourself) in front of coleagues and staff. She then had the evidence to proceed with dismissal proceedings against the arsehole.

    Just a suggestion from experience.
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    Thanks guys for your replies. Fortunately, I left about a week after I did this post. I went in, spoke to the manager and demanded change. She had taken all my hours down and she basically told me to come at the weekend which I did, and her collegue asked if I wanted to work there any longer, in which i told her no and left. I have another job now and I enjoy it, and I am glad I finally stood up to her and told her what I thought.

    I would like to write a letter to the head office (?) about her as another employee has wanted to leave because of the same problems I had and another member of staff had left the week before I did. Not sure how to go about it tho.
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    Firstly, and most importantly, you are not employed by The Body Shop, you are employed by Reed. You need to approach your advisor at Reed and raise any issues with them, who will then raise the issue with the employer. Reed don't want you to leave as it would cost them money, so they will be as helpful as they can be.

    You're a temp, so ask reed to be actively looking for other employment opportunities for you.
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