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Tummy Pain/Dr appt.

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I think I have no choice but to make an appointment to see my GP this week...HATE the thought but I have put up with weird painsin my tummy for months now; they've not been toooo bad and noramlly occur when I am laying down (so normally when I'm in bed)

However; in the past few weeks they've got much worse and all my abdomen area just feels awful; often really painful, often swollen (although it doesn't appear to look it...it just feels it?)

For the poast 3 days I've had really bad cramps accorss my lower back; its definately not period pain but very very painful; it kind of comes in a wave of pianful achiness and then fades.

I'm having trouble enough desrcibing this on here...how I can tell the doc I'm not sure. It actually dawned on me that I should go after I babysat the other night- one of ths kids said he'd had a pain in his neck (like he'd pulled and muscle or something_ which basically hurts when he turns his head to an extreme. He said he'd had it since Thurs and his mum was making an appt on Monday.

Well if thats a fair reason to go...am I ok to go? How should I explain it? I'm rubbish at doing this; I've not told anyone as I hope it will just go away. Its worrying tho cos I can't put it down to anything and I can't see it!

So worried


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    if you're worried about how you are going to explain it then write down some notes on a piece of paper about what type of pain it is (dull/sharp), what time of day you get it, how frequent, if it occurs after eating, any toilet problems etc.

    also, doctors are trained in how to ask appropriate questions in order to get the information they need.

    and yes, i would strongly recommend you see a doctor. i'm not saying you have a serious illness or anything but its important to know what is causing you pain and discomfort and how to make it better.
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    yeah writing stuff down before hand is a very good idea. Tell them how often you get it, how long it lasts for, what type of pains you get and if doing certain things makes it worse, what painkillers you take for it (if any) and that sort of thing...
    Have you noticed any sort of pattern of when it affects you? You say it isn't period pains but do you get it worse around that time of the month?

    They'll probably have a prod at your tummy and maybe send you for a scan I'm guessing.
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    Thanks! I'll have a go at answering your questions to see how well I get on.

    I've had tummy pains of one kind or another for several months when I laid down in bed, I also find it quite uncomfortable to lay on my tummy (a problem as my natural 'first' sleeping position is on my front/extreme side!).
    I don't know if they're dull or shapr...a few weeks ago I was getting really sharp cramps from where it'd noramlly be period pain, but it felt like it was much deeper.

    The pains in my actual tummy area are 'pains' a mixture of shapr (often when it begins) then dull; but still painful.

    Usualy most noticeable in the morning and evening; can't find any common links between eating/periods etc. Frqeuncy is variable...only choosing to do something about it as its become more frequnet. This past week I've woken up and gone to sleep feeling boiling hot most days; have turned heating right down; had a glass of water, washed hjands in cool water etc...nothng shifts it.

    Haven't taken any painkillers as I don't really want to and because it often occurs on many different occasions throughout the day.

    I did have a week (the last week of term) where I just felt extrmely nauseous, every morning and some of the day (NO, there is not a chance on earth I could be pregnant). Almost went then...but decided against it.

    Are they the right sort of answers.
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    notebookkt wrote:
    Are they the right sort of answers.

    If that is what you want them to know then yes.
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