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Lump on my arm

Former MemberFormer Member Posts: 1,876,324 The Mix Honorary Guru
I have booked into the doctors for friday.

I noticed a lump a while back before I went on hol but was too busy to go to the doc. Its now been a month and its not gone so I have got a doctors appointment. I left it because I thought maybe it was a spot brewing or a ghat bite BUT its not itchy, its not particularly sore and its not near a mole. BUT it isn't far from my armpit so thats why I'm worried. Mom said maybe it is a cyst.

I am worried about what it could be but surely if its not sore it can't be cancerous and is likely to be something benign. It can't be seen well unless I stretch my arm but its easy to find. Its about the size of a cm long by half a cm-like a baked bean.

Could it be like a blocked gland or would that be more on the surface?

I only came here to ask just incase anyone has had something similar and also how can I relax and stop thinking its the worst case scenario as my sane brain is being taken over by the "what if..." part of my brain!
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