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Gap store Interview help!

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Has anyone had an interview with Gap recently? What is the interview process like?


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    I worked there but it was ages ago. really can't remember much about the interview, but they generally want friendly, confident types who are willing to do a bit of everything. They have quite high levels of customer service and expect you to help customers - it used to border on being pushy but might have chilled a bit now.
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    I had an interview at Gap about a month ago. The interview process was thoroughly odd! Baisically there were 3 tasks and I had to complete them all and then report back to my interviewer.

    Task 1, I was asked to walk around the store for 5 minutes and pick up on things which I liked,didn't like or thought could be improved. I really didn't know what to say so I spoke to a few members of staff,asked what they said and then repeated that! Stuff like 'great graphics and lighting' goes down well I was told.

    Task 2, I was given a set of questions and told to find the answers. The interviewer followed me around the store and told me that I could ask anyone for answer apart from her. It was questions like:
    "What's todays sales target?";
    "How many manned tills can you see?" (the answer is none btw,that's quite important);
    "Find item X - how many colors and sizes are there of this item and what is the most popular size?" and
    "What is our refund and exchange policy?" (it's quite complicated I found so maybe try swot up on that before you head in?)

    Task 3 was terrifying and really quite uncomfrtable. I was put behind the till with another member of staff and told to chat away to the customers whilst she put items through the till. That would've been ok in itself, but the interviewer stood 4metres in front of the til and stared at me for the whole 10 minutes. Massivly intimidating and unsurprisingly, I didn't get that job!

    Good luck! :thumb:
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