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Move The Bag



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    kaffrin wrote:
    when you have survived life to retirement age, you earn the right to complain non-stop.

    personally i can't wait.
    I wouldn't mind if it wasn't for the fact that that bus runs so the students can get home, it only runs once a day each way (to Colchester in the morning, to Braintree in the afternoon). There are buses EVERY HOUR that go back to Braintree, and another one that runs at the same time as the student bus but takes longer because the student bus misses out all the villages/Tollgate retail park. But no, they choose to get on OUR bus. When we have MORE right to be on there than they do, and they have no REAL reason to be in Colchester.

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    I used to sit on the inside seat and take up the two seats because i hated people sitting beside me, I still feel like that today but i realised that to be quite honest its just plain rude not to move for someone ( assuming it's busy of course ).

    I will happily move for someone, but i still hate that everytime and i mean EVERYTIME the twat who sits next to me, is practically sitting ON ME.. i mean WHY? i move so you can sit down but you dont just sit down you feel the need to actually sit on me, in my personal space ... :/

    I mean it's one thing to move abag for someone but to sit on someone who moved something so you could take a seat. It happened to me not long ago and this woman sat down and started to physically sit on my left leg, everytime i moved a tiny bit away she was moving too, and no jokes please im being serious ;p

    I'll move anything to give someone a seat, except myself because i dont want to be thrown around the bus like im on a bouncy castle damn it!
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