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I am writing a report on Canada for school and while searching something from Statistics Canada I found this:
After working as a school teacher at Upper Canada College in the late 1890s, Stephen Leacock called teaching "the most dreary, the most thankless, and the worst paid profession in the world."

It made me think, because this is partly true here in my country. Kids often seem to be in school only to keep them somewhere. Teachers get low pay and very few are grateful for what they are doing.

For two months college teachers were striking, almost no parents rose up to help the teachers that were only trying to get some decent payment without needing to work 24/7. The goverment keps talking badly about how ruthless the teachers were to demand so much when the strike affected the students in the schools the most.

In the elementary schools teachers that have learnd their profession in schools are disappearing and new people, even foreigners that don't know the language too well are hired to teach the kids. There has been real good situation and alot of jobs that teacher can get instead, with less responsibility, no angry parents blaming the teachers for problems that are rooted at home. Not to mention that those jobs usually give more money. Is it really what people want?

I have heard that in some of the other Scandinavian countries teachers are higher in respect, where people actually appreciate what the teachers are doing. How are things elsewhere in the world? Cause this sentence I found is so true when it comes to Iceland.

What do you think of teachers? Do you appreciate their work and do you think they get payed well enough/too much?

A very simular situation is in the Icelandic kindergartens too, btw. It might be partly because people want to get higher payment, jobs are not uncommon and many companies feel forced to "import" workers, especiall from Eastern-Europe which is leading to another, growing, Scandinavian problem.
But lets not talk about that right now <IMG alt="image" SRC="http://www.thesite.org/ubb/wink.gif"&gt;

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