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worried about leaving uni.

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this might sound like a fairly dumb question, but:-

i know nearly everyone goes home back to their folks when they graduate before trying to find their feet in the real world... and it takes most people about 6 months after graduating from uni to find a job. but what-if you cannot go home once you've graduated from university because you don't have a family anymore... how do you cope / live in that 6 months or so before you get into a career???

i mean, thats pretty much my situation, or will be when i graduate next year. and its scaring the shit out of me! esp. considering things like finance, accomodation, security, etc. i have because i'm at uni - and when i finish i don't exactly want to end up on the streets or anything by loosing everything i've got atm.

i mean i'm out here at university 100% on my own... and the prospect of graduating is beginning to scare the shit out of me. :nervous:

any useful advice?!


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    ask the uni to find you a full time or part time job as soon as you leave so you can get a bit of money, a flat maybe and then once you find a proper job, go for it.
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    You don't have to go back home, I didn't and it wasn't an option for me.

    Personally I stayed in my student accommodation for the summer (half rent :D) and did temping for an agency. I saved the money for a holiday and the deposit on a flat of my own.

    Don't panic, there's loads of options. You can get a graduate account which gives interest free overdraft.

    Does it really take people 6 months to find a job? I guess if you are talking about career type jobs then maybe, but everyone has to work to support themselves, even if that does mean boring jobs unrelated to your studies. And there's always benefits if you really need them.
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