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Work -related stress?

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Is your job driving you round the bend? Is the work just piling up on your desk?

Here are TheSite's tips for dealing with stress in the workplace: http://ned.thesite.org.uk/careers/work/workrelated_stress.html

Got any good tips you'd like to share for staying chilled in the office?


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    I suffer from work stress, its weird cause I don't think none of my other friends really know what I'm talking about...

    For my age, 19, as an IT Systems Support Technician I have been given a lot of pressure to work under, we have 12 depots up and down the UK and myself along with my manager and collegue look after 6 servers and about 80 odd machines along with at least 45 printers. I am in charge of all stocks and orders (ie. printer supplies / computers) and the telephone system.... on top of all that I am always having to read white papers and technical documents each evening at home and when certain people are away here I get strung with doing their jobs as well as mine (such as manuals and technical drawings) and as well as this I have to do CAT5 cabelling and administer our servers and network.

    I do find my job difficult, its also hard as I am the youngest employee by about 5/6 years so most people don't run along with my lines of interest... I find I have to act very grown up and keep up with current affairs and issues in order to have something to talk about which is probably why I act like a big kid at weekends and party so hard.

    As daft as it sounds my ways of chilling out include coming on this site when I have a free moment and allowing my mind to be pre-occupied with the forums, I also listen to chill out music cds (such as Roger Sanchez - Another Chance / Ministry Chill Out) and we send various jokes through our email system to keep us all laughing (careful if you do this, most companies have email policies which forbid this but I'm one of the network administrators who looks after the system so I can cover for everyone)

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