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Interview Questions

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I have an interview tomorrow for a centre administrator position, I have to take a 30minute test and then I have my interview. What I want to know is what questions do you think I might get asked, I've not had an interview for nearly two years so I can't really remember what I was asked :chin:. The one question I can remember is "tell us about a difficult situation that you dealt with and overcame" so I have that one covered but I really want the job and want to make sure I can answer any questions they throw at me. So tell me what you think they might ask and are there any unusual questions that you have ever been asked? :thumb:


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    All interviews I have been to recently have asked why I want to work for the company, what I can bring to the company, and a variety of questions to make sure I knew everything about the position I was applying for. Oh and also its good to have something INTERESTING to say about your personal life and if possible something which shows your strengths as you will be asked this!
    I was asked to draw a kettle in an interview I went for an exhibition designer job. Weird.
    Anyway good luck for the interview & cheers for the advice earlier btw!
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    The other thing that often comes up is 'tell us about your weaknesses' - they obviously don't want you to say 'I'm crap at communicating and I never make tea' - but to make a positive out of a negative - for example, how you find it hard to do presentations but always make sure you are well prepared to overcome your nerves.

    Also this link is great - goes through all the difficult questions and how to answer them!

    These articles might help you too:

    Blitzing job interviews

    Body language for job interviews

    How not to get a job

    Good luck!
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    I've had about ten interviews in the last 2 months and I've come accross some really difficult ones:

    -What would your friends say is your biggest fault?
    -Describe a situation where you refused to do a task at work?
    -Describe yourself in one word and why that word?
    -Why do you want to work for us?
    -We don't think you would fit in here, how would you disagree?
    -Your work here will be mudane and very boring- How does that make you feel?

    Oh and my personal favourite:

    -You are totally wrong for this job why did you bother coming in today?

    I'm not kidding, I got asked that when I was in an interview for Google. And you thought they were all nice and colourful. I DONT think so.
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